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I’m learning that life isn't a linear path, but instead seems like a repeated series of experiments. I started my career in the finance industry and quickly pivoted to the end-of-life business where I now work as a Product Manager at ClearEstate. I'm also growing a newsletter called Earthlings. We cover the founders and businesses building a more resilient future for humanity.


My Story

Death is a topic that makes most of us feel uncomfortable, right? We don’t like to think about death, let alone talk about it. I’m a Product Manager at ClearEstate - which means my days are spent understanding the unnecessarily painful process of settling a loved ones estate (i.e., everything they’ve left behind when they die). It’s a horribly complex legal process. Families trying to grieve a loss don’t deserve hundreds of hours of paperwork and government bureaucracy.

This might seem crazy, but ClearEstate’s goal is to find a way to work with public authorities, industry players, and estate professionals to automate the demanding 16-18 month responsibility of being named an Executor of a loved one’s estate while maintaining human guidance and empathy. We want families to grieve in peace.

We also want to shed light on the costs of not properly planning for your death. A well-planned estate means you can preserve your legacy and dictate your Will even when you’re gone. ClearEstate offers this as well.

Before making the leap into the end-of-life startup world, I worked at TD Securities as a Global Counterparty Credit Analyst for precisely 365 days. In non-finance terms, my title meant I analyzed the business’ exposure to trading counterparties. I ensured my analysis was robust enough to recommend cutting credit exposure to companies like Silicon Valley Bank, Credit Suisse, and Evergrande before they go bust. I learned a ton about assessing the credit risk of public financial institutions and maintained the brand of “working at a bank” which was the epitome of stability, success, and wealth accumulation in my parents generation.

Some folks find it exhilarating to navigate archaic internal processes, leverage bureaucratic red tape, and revel in the toxic political gossip of the day. That game wasn’t for me.

Enter: the chaotic market opportunity of building products in the end-of-life business.

On the side, I am growing a newsletter called Earthlings. We cover the business of space and deep tech, 5 minutes every day. We are trying to build a community of humans curious to understand the booming deep tech economy and our universe.

My Blog


Building A Markdown Blog App with Express and EJS

The blog you're reading right now is the end-product of what you'll be able to build after finishing this tutorial. Meta right? The blog app is built with a Node.js (Express) backend and an EJS frontend.

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Apps That Should Exist - D2C Coffee Discovery & Marketplace

I love coffee — probably a little too much. Large D2C players like Nespresso, Keurig, and Nestle seem to have taken over our countertops — and our appreciation for good coffee.

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Finding the Limit - Formula 1 Data Visualizations and Points Prediction

Netflix Original Series, Drive to Survive kindled a new generation of Formula 1 fandom across North America. This piece dives deep into F1 data to see what factors affect performance.

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Training Jiu-Jitsu - My First 90 Days on the Mat

If you had told me last year I would wake up every morning to grapple sweaty dudes just to get arm-barred, strangled, and leg-locked, I would’ve had a hearty chuckle. But here I am.

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